Authors are encouraged to contribute to the conference through submissions of their research abstracts and posters. Also, quality research contributions describing original results of experimental, or theoretical work in all areas of Agriculture, Environment, Sustainable Tourism and Food Production are kindly invited for participation at the conference. The conference asks contributions of abstracts and posters that address topics of the conference.

Topics on the conference:


  • Plants, seeds and propagation materials
  • Plant protection and fertilization
  • Plant protection and fertilization
  • Greenhouses and horticulture
  • Organic agriculture
  • Irrigation and water management
  • Renewable energy in agriculture

Food Production

  • Agriculture & Food Legislation
  • Agro industry start–ups
  • Biophysical analysis of food or processing operations
  • Chemistry, microbiology and biotechnology aspects of food
  • Food Composition
  • Food quality and safety
  • Food Technology
  • Food, Culture and Agro-tourism
  • Innovative Food Products and Processes
  • Food inspection systems
  • Food packaging
  • Import and export of food and agricultural products

Sustainable tourism

  • Sustainable tourism and economic development;
  • Ecotourism
  • Marketing Strategy of Sustainable Tourism
  • Social Media Marketing  of Sustainable Tourism
  • Internet Marketing in Tourism
  • Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Tourism and Climate Change
  • Green Marketing
  • e-Tourism
  • The effect of foreign investments in local tourism
  • Development and regulation of cross-border tourism


  • Environmental Sustainability and Development
  • Health and Environment
  • Air Pollution and Treatment
  • Soil Pollution and Treatment
  • Waste Management
  • Water resource management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Biodiversity, Conservation & Ecology
  • Environmental Education & Awareness